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Jay is so friendly and helpful. He took care of my car transportation instantly and quickly and made moving for me so much easier. The car got here before the moving truck. I couldn't thank him enough. I highly advise using him for your car transport. He had this lowest prices I could find. Couldn't beat it!
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Jays Auto Transport Car Transportation Service
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Good customer service

Natashi Draper and Chaz Hodge - thiefs | Jays Auto Transport review from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

These two called my company for service. They were so unprofessional I said no.. I can't help you. They then went all over the internet and put lies and slander out there for all to read. I have a right to turn down anyone who I feel will not be good for my business. This woman Tashi Draper tried to place and Auto Transport reservation while she was out in the wind unloading her car!!! Who in their right mind does that? I couldn't understand her and I told her I wasn't going to take her order under those conditions. I hung up. This rude young black woman turned it into a racist thing and then had her boyfriend Chaz call me 40 times in a row disrupting my business. Do not do business with / do not hire / steer clear from Chaz Hodge and Natashi Draper in Longview, TX These young 20 something year old people don't have a clue / are clueless how business works and shouldn't be allowed to extort companies all over the internet when they don't get their way. They are thieves ... out to steal the good reputation of hard working people. My company has a 5 out of 5 star rating on TransportReviews.com and an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. Thank you for reading this review. Companies beware! I also see on the internet where Tashi Draper is filing a case against her moving company. These people are "most likely to file a slip and fall case" if you deal with them. Stay away. Jay Morin / Owner Jay's Auto Transport, Inc. 7860 NW 50th Street Suite 203 Lauderhill, FL 33351 954-709-7541 Office 954-252-3942 Fax
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Do not trust Jay's auto transport !!!

Do not trust Jay Morin !!!


I'm reading this because I just recommended Jay to a family member and did a online search to get his info again. 1st I'm a very real guy with a wife and 2 daughters. 2nd I did use Jay's service back in 2010 when I moved from California to Puerto Rico. Everything was right on schedule, I received e-mail confirmations and my car arrived in Jacksonville, Fl. in the same condition it left California. There my car was tendered to Sea Star and headed for San Juan.

So I was very surprised to see all this crazy chatter about the business dealings of Jay's Auto Transport. Then I had concerns about this recommendation to my family member.

Well I just wanted to make my point that Jay had at least 1 happy customer!

Best of luck to ALL ~ Even you Jay!


I have nothing but good things to say about jay. Not only did he take my order after 10 at night but he got a hold of the driver after my truck was picked up while he was out to dinner with his wife.

I to have a business and You cant make everybody happy. Your bound to come across a negative character who wants something for nothing or is screwed up in the head who you cant please no matter what. I agree that these two people since they will not identify themselves should not be able to post on this site. And that what they say really should hold no merit.

For a couple to go out of their way like this must have some serious issues.

Jay was very professional with me and I will definitely use him in the future and recommend him to anyone that I know that ever needs a car shipped . I almost forgot he didnt even charge me a fee.

@Robert mitc***

Who cares? 5 people have written scathing reviews about what a rude, violent and unprofessional man Jay is. 5 independent people.

The fact is, this page exists, because that is true. The facts claimed? Are ridiculous. Clearly this is a get back at people who left an honest bad review attempt.

Well Jay That backfired didn't it? Now everyone gets know about your criminal history, that this was not an idle complaint it was one of many.

How many more must have been victim to your abuse but not gone online to talk about it?

Most businesses will never get an online complaint in their business lifetime - you have so many?


Reap what you sow.

You created this page to hurt someone else.

Now it details what a shonk you are.

And it ranks just below your own website when your business name is googled.

Good one, shot yourself in the foot.


Sure Jay. I am going to publicly list my real name and address, for someone with a history of violence and placing false statements online about people.

Lets go through the facts.

a. Your online arrest records are there for all to see. No point in denying them, the photos are clear.

b. There has been no extortion. What nonsense. No one has asked you for money.

c. You go on and on about Tashie this "black woman". Did you ever meet her face to face? No? Just phone calls? Then why on earth has race got anything to do with it? Why do you keep referring to her as a "black" woman. She is a woman Jay. Only someone with a preconceived idea about what being black entails, would keep going on and on about her race, not having even seen her.

d. Oh? You are upset about people writing bad things about you on this site? This is your review Jay. You started it. From what you've written? SOOO loose with the truth. And you didn't do it on a reputable site where bad reviews can be taken down if shown to be untrue. You did it on a site that leaves bad reviews up regardless of truth. But I am not telling you something you didn't already know right Jay?

e. You are not the Jay M from national auto transport? Ok. Showing you are this person is unnecessary, there are as you say, 4 other bad reviews about you online anyway... and these are just the people who had the courage to go online and report a violent angry bully. Plenty more, will have just sucked it up I'm guessing. I've been in business for over 20 years Jay and NEVER got a bad online review. Most businesses wont. 4 in 2 years? That's crazy.

Jay, I came across this review scanning through pissed consumer looking for clearly fake, vindictive reviews. If you'd not posted it, you'd never have heard from me. I have never met, or spoken with Tashi or Chaz.

Your story is so clearly rubbish, and so clearly vindictive towards someone who had the courage to out you after you were rude that it demanded a response.

"Someone called my business for services, were clearly unprofessional so I said no."

Seriously? You expect anyone to believe such a load? Someone looking to book your services... did it unprofessionally?

Oh come on.


Jay Morrin rebirthed his business to Jay's Auto Transport, because his other business, National Auto transport had racked up so many bad reviews.

He has been arrested multiple times for violent crimes, i found 3 mugshots online, one for aggravated assault.

his new business, already has multiple online complaints but when its done, he thens places false bad reviews online about the complainants.

And HE wrote the posative review on this site, 3 hours after getting a message I'd added one.


@Bus Ted

Post all the false information you want about me. The truth is you are very immature young people that use race as your excuse for everything. You are both rude, you have no business posting false information about me or my company on line. You hide behind a false nick name "Bus Ted".... total garbage.... if your complaints were legit you would put your real name, your real phone number and the address where my lawyer can file a law suit against you for your false claims.

I've never been associated with National Auto Transport - ever and I've never harmed a flea.

This website is a joke for allowing your false claims.

@Natasha Draper and Chaz Hodge

Your mug shots, match your linkedin profile images, and your facebook images.

Threats you made were recorded.

Shall I load them to the net somewhere?

@Bus Ted

You can harass and extort me all you want. I'm not paying you or doing free work for you ever! Keep it up.

I refused you service for good reason and you continue to harass and threaten me and put lies all over the internet.

You still haven't put your real name or phone number on your comments so they must be full of lies and false accusations. Are you afraid of the lawsuit?

You are a coward. I'll assume it's charles hodge and natashi draper and just let it go at that. Two people I ignored due to their lack of maturity and rude behavior when they called to place their order with my company.

You have posted false comments about an association with another auto transport company, posted false information about me on many accounts. Show yourself. Reveal yourself. Stop hiding behind false comments on this website.

I've moved ofer 4500 cars in the last three years all by myself. Less than 4 complaints on line in three years. Two of them from Natashi Draper and Charles Hodge.

Grow up. You were refused service. It wasn't a black white thing... it was a "you are rude" thing. Get over yourself.


In their lifetime… most businesses will never get such a review…. but for Jay’s Auto Transport to get several in such a short time? Hmmn

So…. Is Jay a friendly professional business man who has been hard done by and victimized by potential customers too rude and unprofessional for him to do business with? Or just a shonky operator who rebirthed himself because of bad reviews…. now angrily lashing out at people who give him new deservedly bad reviews?

Seems pretty clear to me Jay.

@Bus Ted

He's the best.

When you deal with the general public... you are bound to run into idiots.

It's not easy to move over a thousand cars per year and maintain a B+ rating with the better business bureau.

He must be doing something right!

@Used Jay

This is clearly Jay, kind of half pretending to be someone else... saying what a good guy he is.

Its SOO obviously Jay himself writing it. Use Jay uses the same words to describe the real Jay's actions, as Jay does himself.

Woeful Jay.

The fact is? Real people complained. Making up fake people to say you are in fact a good guy?

Just nonsense

@Yeah right Jay

a. There are at least 4 other reviews about Jay's autos online, which paint him in the same light.

Abusive, obnoxious, price changing, racist, sexist.

b. I googled him. He has a criminal record, at least three times been charged with acts of violence including aggravated assault, he is a real piece of work.

c. Of COURSE the author of this review did not print their name.

Whwenever someone leaves a bad review about Jay, he returns serve by putting up multiple bad reviews about that person. He rings them at their home and work and threatens them.

d. The websites Jay wants you to check for a "real" review?

These are nonsense sites. All Jay needs to do when a bad review is written on these sites, is contact the reviews site and say the person leaving the review is not a real customer, and they take it down. Thats why, not bad reviews. He writes all the posative reviews himself and submits them as if they are customers.


Reap what you sow.

You are bad man, horrible to do business with, and the way you combat bad reviews, but threatening those doing it and printing evil lies about them?

Terrible. He will use words yelling at you that you never hear from a business, ever....at least in my 15 years of doing business I have not not been cursed at, ever...Leave it to Jay

@Used Jay

Jay.....Stop posting nice things about your potty mouth.....

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